Farakaran Development Group Introduction

Farakaran Development Group as the holding in the oil industry, with 13 companies (subsidiaries), that all of them are working in the industry over 12 years.

The following summarize the company are introduced:


  • Farakaran Export Energy Development (FEED): Focus on export of oil, petrochemical & energy products
  • Farakaran Tajhiz Kala: Supplier (Piping Material)
  • Nikan Tejarat Parmida: Supplier (Instrument & Industrial Valves)
  • UNCO (in Turkey): Supplier (Compressor, Pump, Fix & Rotary Equipment)
  • Farakaran Tolid Kahangan: Manufacture (Strainer, Filter, Flame Arrestor, Sample Connection, Steam Silencer, Stone Trap, Reducer & power station and etc.)
  • Danativara: Manufacture (Air Treatment System, Utility System, Security alarm & Safety System firefighting, Pumping System & fluid transfer)


  • Petro Farayand Delta: Engineering, technology development and practical research
  • Farakaran Tadbir Kosha: Executing EPC projects
  • Energy Tajhiz Shaygan: Supplier (Compressor, Pump)
  • Farakaran Tethys Kimia: Supplier (Chemical & Catalyst)
  • Farakaran Tooka Kavish: Supplier (Aviation’s spare parts & motor’s equipment)
  • Ipetrol L.L.C (in Armenia): Marketing (For solving international problem for money transfer)
  • New Technician Partner: Manufacture (Pressure Gauge, Temperature Gauge, …)